The mission of the time table committee is to prepare the semester schedule for the college.

  • To collect the faculty list who are assigned the particular subjects.
  • To collect the academic year calendar.
  • To collect the timings of periods with duration including lunch time.
  • To collect the slots for library hour from central librarian.
  • To collect the slots for sports and games from physical director.
  • To collect the slots for CRT classes from Training and Placement officer.
  • Collect the slots from lab in charges
  • To collect the slots for internet lab from lab in charge.

Coordinator: NIMMAKAYALA S V SRINIVAS, Asst professor, S&H Dept

    Members: YALLA PAVANI, Asst professor, CIVIL Dept

                        CHALADI S GANGA BHAVANI, Asst professor, EEE Dept

                         ADAPA UMA MAHESWARA RAO, Asst professor, MECH Dept

                        NAGARAJU CHELLA, Asst professor, ECE Dept

                         N SUSHUMA, Asst professor, CSE Dept

                         PATTEM NAGA VENKATA GANESH, Asst professor, S&H Dept

                       AKULA R ANANTA SATYAVATI, Asst professor, MBA Dept

                       LAKSHMI NALLA, Assoc professor, MCA Dept

Roles and Responsibilities of Coordinator

  • Ensuring that conflicts in Timetable are avoided.
  • Providing the information regarding Timetables and venue to any to the departmental committees.
  • Coordination the Timetables and making it available to the faculty on the prescribed day before each semester.
  • Ensuring the timetable is available on the departmental notice boards before each semester.
  • Reviewing and managing the Timetables and addressing any of the conflicts regarding the clashes in the Timetables.

Roles and Responsibilities of Members

  • Preparing the class and lab Timetables at the beginning of every semester.
  • Preparing faculty Timetables and workload.
  • Assigning subjects to the faculty based on their specialization and preferences that were approved by the Head of the department.
  • Maintaining a Timetable committee file.
  • Posting the class and lab Timetables on the respective classroom boards.
  • Making sure that the faculty individual Timetables are submitted to each faculty before the beginning of the semester.
  • Working collaboratively with other members to meet the Timetable requirements.
  • Attempting to resolve the conflicts within the faculty regarding the published Timetable.
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