• To look after the infrastructure facility requirement and development
  • To look after the ambience of the premises
  • To care of the arrangements needed in organizing  various activities  in the institution
  • To maintain the campus green
  • To establish and utilize the renewable energy sources

General maintenance is a continuous processes to run the college smoothly every day

  1. Store room with ambience
  2. One table with three chairs
  3. Complaint registers
  4. Box files


General Maintenance Committee 2014-2015 To 2019-2020


 Chair person   : Head of the institute

Convenor          : One senior faculty from institute

Members          : One staff member from each department

                           : One student from each department

                            : One senior member from administration section

                            : Three non teaching staff members


Composition   :2020-21

Chair person   : Dr .G.M.V  Prasad ( Principal)

Convenor          : P. SIVA PRASAD ( Asst.prof EEE department)

Members          : 

 Faculty members   

                                  N.UDHAYAKUMAR( Asst.prof civil  department)

                                  J SURESH ( Asst.prof mechanical   department)

                                  M.GANESWAR RAO(Asst.prof Prof ECE department)

                                  GIDLA VIJAYAKUMARI (Associate Prof CSE department)

                                  MADDALA RAJA ( Asst.prof  MBA  department)

                                  B.SUBRAMANYAN (Asst.prof  MCA  department)

Student members :

                                             B.RAJESH (17H45A0104)

                                            BOMMIREDDY PAVAN BALAJI (17H41A0249)


                                            K.SAI PRAKASH (19H45A0420)

                                            VILLA NAVEEN SREERAM  (17H41A0555)

                                            GIDDLA PAVAN( 17H41E0012)

                                           KUMPATLA SAI RAM(17H41F0027)

Administration member  : N.SATYANARAYANA(Senior Assistant)

Non teaching staff members:  T. V.SATYRAMAM ( TECHNICIAN )

                                                      G.O. PADMA RAJU( TECHNICIAN )



  • To coordinate among different members of the committee regarding different issues regarding General Maintenance
  • To conduct meeting with all committee members in a periodical basis before the semester begin for different issues regarding general maintenance of the institution

Faculty Members:

  • To monitor the operations of the class room, laboratories and faculty room, implementing and reviewing the maintenance policy.
  • To monitor at regular intervals, the quality of amenities and services provided by the institute and work together with the administration to improve the services to all the staffs and students of the Institute.
  • To audit the overall sanitation, solid waste disposal system and fire safety management of the Institute at a regular interval.
  • To take feedback from different stake holders of this institution for continuous improvement of the quality of the service.

 Student members

∙ Monitor any difficulties  occurs in class room maintenance and intimated to head of the department if any

∙ create  awareness among students  to kmaintain campus clean

 Non teaching staff Members

                          ∙ solve the problem raised by authorities

                          ∙ Have to do   regular maintainance


Year planner


  1. Once per semester meeting is conducted
  2. Plan to reduce the power bill
  3. Replacement of cfl lamps with led bulbs
  4. Need to conduct an electrical audit
  5. Improve the water sprinklers in garden


  1. Need to conduct an electrical audit
  2. Replace the breakage tiles
  3. Improve the electrical fittings
  4. water plant establishment


1.water line support need to be improved

2. solar panels establishment

3.providing Ro plant for visitors in the canteen


  1. Adequate seating facilities is provided to students and staff
  2. Paintings for walls and some doors and windows


  1. Develop drainage system to entire college
  2. Replacement of plumbing structure if necessary
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