• Collects the requirement from all the departments for provision and maintenance of text books, reference books and research journals in sufficient volumes.
  • Provision of newspapers and general knowledge magazines in sufficient number for the benefit of students in every department.
  • Checks the availability of minimum number of systems for providing web browsing/searching facilities through digital lab and wi-fi internet facility within library.
  • Prepare budget for the academic year by reviewing the requirements of all the departments and demand of browsing/searching facilities from the students.
  • Maintenance of machinery must be regularly biased for the effective provision of photocopy, printing, scanning and binding facilities to students.
  • Search and compare journals on key factors like impact, publication speed, cost and open access options for provision of best research journals and general knowledge magazines.


library Committee 2014-15 to 2019-20




Chair Person


Head of institution


Dr. G M V Prasad








I.Vamsi Ram


         Assistant Professor


Library in charge







T Aditya Kumar

Assistant Professor




Assistant Professor



P.chakradhar prasad

Assistant Professor




Assistant Professor



M. Raja

Assistant Professor




Assistant Professor



N.Sri Devi

Assistant Professor

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Coordinator
    • Conducts periodic meeting
    • Collects the requirement of text books, research journals, general knowledge magazines etc. from all the departments
  • Librarian
    • To prepare budget and proposals for the development of library.
    • To seek feedback of library functions from readers.
  • Faculty member
    • To review library readership department wise
    • To suggest measures to enhance readership
  • Student member
    • To project the problems of students regarding timings of library, availability of resources etc.

Year planner (2019-2020)


Activity Description

July 2019

Central library and information center cell committee meeting

August 2019

Orientation program for I.B.Tech students

September 2019

Mock training on NPTEL certification courses for October exams

October 2019

Review of available volumes and request for purchase of new volumes for second semester

November 2019

Central library and information center cell committee meeting

November 2019

Suggestions for proposal of new journals from faculty and students

December 2019

Subscription to new journals

January 2020

Purchase of new books

February 2020

Budget Proposal

March 2020

Mock training on NPTEL certification courses for April/May exams

April 2020

Student feedback survey on library and analysis of feedback

May 2020

Review of available volumes and request for purchase of new volumes for first semester

June 2020

Review of infrastructure and digital facilities



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