Functions of the cell

  1. To list out no. of students get benefited through fee reimbursement and various scholarships.
  2. To encourage the students by providing awareness meet based on various scheme by government and NGO’s.
  3. To identify inherent talents of the students to promote different awardees.
  4. To identify the Awards and Rewards regarding backward students.
  5. To organize student Affairs meet on every academic year.

Facilities of the cell 

  1. Separate room for cell with all ambience
  2. One pc with table
  3. One table with 10 chairs
  4. One Rack
  5. Box files for each academic years (5*1=5) and backward student grievance cell data file(1)
  6. Printer cum Scanner

Committee members

 Chairman                     :           Dr. G.M.V.Prasad                   –           Principal

Coordinator                 :           Mrs. N. S P Lakshmi               –           Faculty, ECE

Members:                                Ms. Ch Sony                           –           CIVIL

                                                Mr. A Uma Maheswara Rao   –           ME

                                                Mr. A BhimaRaju                   –           EEE

                                                Mr. S Suresh                           –           CSE

                                                Mr. B Subrahmanyam             –           MCA

                                                Mr. M Raja                              –           MBA

Supporting staff          :           Mr. K V Balaji                        –           Sr. Assistant in Admin.

Students                      :          

  1. G. Naga Anitha  –            ECE
  2. G. Mahalakshmi –           CIVIL
  3. R Sandeep –                    EEE
  4. Vinukonda Nagababu – MECH
  5. P. Satya Swaroop –          CSE
  6. B Ramana –                     MCA
  7. D. Ananda rao       –        MBA

Roles & Responsibilities of committee members

Chairman                     :    

 1. To ensure that there is full participation during meetings.

  1. To ensure that all relevant matters are discussed and effective decisions are made and carried out.

Coordinator                 :  

  1. To plan and conduct meetings with cell members.

  1. To supervise the activities and to organize student affairs awareness programs.
  2. To direct the faculty members to collect updated information of student affairs cell.
  3. To identify the students talent and encourage them to participate in various schemes introduced by the government and NGO’s.
  4. To organize various events to enhance the skills of the student.
  5. To take suggestions from faculty and student members for the development of student affair cell.

Supporting staff          :          1. To provide timely updated data regarding the cell.

Staff members                :      

1. To keep in contact with student of their respective departments    for updating timely information regarding welfare schemes.

  1.   To organize student affairs meets and interactions with students.

Student members             :      

1. To help faculty members in organizing student affairs meets.

  1. To give updated and timely information to the concerned faculty members.

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