Functions of the cell:

  • To organize Website / ICT / Internet in the Institution.
  • Providing internet service for the required premises.
  • Need of Regular service and changes in Internet / Web service.
  • Troubleshooting related to Internet / Website / ICT applications.
  • Providing assistance to end users related to Internet / Website.

Facilities of the cell 

  1. Separate room for cell with all ambience
  2. One pc with table
  3. One table with 10 chairs
  4. One Rack
  5. Box file
  6. Printer cum Scanner


                 1)  Mr. S Suresh, Asst. Prof. in CSE

                 2) Mr. G L N V S Kumar Assoc. Prof., MCA


  1. Mr. B Durga Prasad, Asst. Professor in MCA
  2. Mr. S A N Murthy, Sr. Asst. in EDP
  3. Mr. S S Sriram, Asst. Professor in EEE
  4. Ms. V N Bandavi, Asst. Professor in Civil
  5. Mr. KSG Pradeep Kumar, Asst. Professor in Mech.,
  6. Mr. Y V Satyanarayana, Asst. Professor in MBA
  7. Mr. K Srinivas, Assoc. Professor in ECE

+ Students

Roles & Responsibilities of committee members

Chairman                     :    

  • To ensure that there is full participation during meetings.
  • To ensure that all relevant matters are discussed and effective decisions are made and carried out.


  • Giving Guidance and Assigning work to committee members in the aspect of Website/ICT/Internet.
  • Reporting and submitting indent requirements to concerned HOS regarding updates in website / ICT /Internet.
  • Verifying Internet access and ICT functioning.

Faculty Member:

  • To Support and maintain Website/ICT/Internet.
  • Represent dept. activities, with necessary documentation.
  • Trouble shoot ICT problems
  • Setup internet connections.
  • Maintenance of records related to dept updates in website.
  • Regular checking of internet access and intimating to coordinator.
  • Framing website /ICT/Internet rules and Regulations.

Student Member:

  • To represent student level activities to staff member.
  • To give updated and timely information to the concerned faculty members.
  • Submitting the requirements in every semester.
  • Closing  re leaved staff & students accounts of Wi-fi connections.
  • Update new and existing accounts.
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