Date: 07.08.2019 to 08.08.2019

Program : A Seminar on Technical Education;

Theme: Personality development

As a part of our Induction program we invited Dr. S. Ramakrishna, a special counselor for students. He took classes for the students for three days.  He explained the importance of technical education for Engineers. Education establishes the framework stone for our future. An uneducated individual can think that its hard to adapt to certain parts of life. Education extends our vision and makes mindfulness. It causes us build up a trained life and gives us better acquiring chances. It empowers us to know the world past our very own environment. Education is likewise an essential of the success and modernization of any nation.

It depends on the humanism, opportunity, fairness, popular government, and human rights. The substance of education keeps pace with the necessities of present day society and is a reflection of its objectives, qualities, and needs. The present modern culture has opened up an a lot of occupations which require individuals with particular aptitudes and information. Thus, education is an essential methods for annihilating the joblessness issue. It can lessen neediness in various manners. Yet, we need to recollect that there is an incredible requirement for the development of the professional education with the goal that each individual could seek after a satisfying vocation that guarantees a fulfilled life.

The education which gives extraordinary down to earth information and abilities in known as technical education. It is not quite the same as general education. In the event that makes students well-gifted in the extraordinary fields, for example, horticulture, carpentry, designing, restorative, driving, steering, and so forth technical education worries with innovation. The individuals who have extraordinary technical aptitude and information are called experts. Woodworker, drivers, mechanics, engineers, specialist, pilots, etc are experts.

Technical education assumes the essential job for the improvement of a nation. Professionals are required in the each field of development. To make processing plants, streets, spans, channels, structures, air terminals and so forth needs professionals. On the off chance that a nation possesses adequate technical hands, it without a doubt quickens the pace of advancement. So as to create power, to work in mines, to develop enough yields and vegetables, etc we need various sorts of experts.