1. To conduct awareness programme and workshops against the menace and orient the students.
  2. To offer service of counseling to the students from time to time.
  3. To take all necessary measures for prevention of ragging inside the campus and hostels.
  4. To receive complaints from the aggrieved students and conduct enquiry to submit a report to the anti-ragging committee.
  5. To recommended punishment for the offenders.
  6. To obtain undertaking form the students in accordance with the provisions.
  7. To expel the convicted students from the college.
  8. To suspend students from the college immediately in the event of any prima facie of ragging in any form.
  9. To provide students the information pertaining to contact address and telephone numbers of the principal, Hod’s faculty members

Facilities of the cell 

  1. Separate room for cell with all ambience
  2. One table with 5 chairs
  3. Box file

CO-ordinator :  Mr. B. SESHARAO, Assoc.Prof.


  1.     D. Prasanth (civil)
  2.   K S G Pradeep kumar(mech)           
  3. D Kranthi kumar (E.C.E)
  4. D V M Satish (E.E.E)
  5. S Suresh (C.S. E)
  6. B Subharamanyam (M.C.A)
  7.   K Durga Prasad (M.B.A)

Co ordinator:

  1. To convene the meeting of ragging committee members.
  2. To bring the complaint received from the victimized students to notice of the chairmen.
  3. To decide the kind of punishment to be given to the offenders after pursuing the issue along with committee members and chairmen.
  4. To chalk out a programme to invite persons are officials concerned to address the students.
  5. To give necessary directions to the students and faculty members to make arrangements for the programme.
  6. To invite the guest to the occasion.
  7. To give instructions the students and faculty members to success fully complete the arrangements for the related programme.

Faculty member:

  1. To monitor in the campus carefully to prevent the incidents of ragging.
  2. To bring to the notice of the coordinator and chairmen in case of any incidents of ragging.
  3. To create awareness among the students about anti-ragging Act and the consequences of the ragging.
  4. To promote harmonious relations among the students.

Student member:

  1. To follow the instructions of the coordinator and the faculty members in discharging certain duties like preparation of banners, bouquets’ etc.
  2. To receive complaints relating to ragging from students, if any


Frequency Of Meeting:

  1. Meeting will be conducted in the beginning of the academic year.
  2. In case of any issues arising out of ragging, meeting  will be convened

                                          AWARENESS PROGRAMME ON ANTI-RAGGING

             An awareness programme was conducted about ragging on 17thAugest,2019. On

this occasion Sri C N Murthy garu Additional District and sessions judge, Amalapuram, Sri Y Naga Raja garu, Asst. session and senior civil judge , Amalapuram and Sri V K S Bhaskara Sastry  garu, Advocate(CIVIL), Local C.I  of Amalapuram. Graced the occasion and addressed the students to create awareness about ragging in educational institutions and explained punishable offences under various sections against those involved in ragging. They advised the faculty to conduct periodically meeting of the students to prevent the incidents of ragging.


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