Name of the faculty




Associate Professor

Date Of Joining

01 /06/2009



Responsibility in Committees

1.Councelling Committee

2.Internal complaints cell (Member)

3. Womens Grievances cell (Member) [2016-17]

4. Safety and security measures committee (Incharge: Medical and First aid) [2014-15]

5. Department co curricular activities [2014-15]


1.2018-19: 15 Members[II ECE Batch 2017,1st  and 2nd  Sem]

2.2017-18: 20 Members[III ECE Batch 2015,1st  and 2nd  Sem]

3.2016-17: 20 Members[IV ECE Batch 2013,1st  and 2nd  Sem]

4.2015-16: 20 Members[III ECE Batch 2013,1st  and 2nd  Sem]

5. 2014-15: 15 Members[III ECE Batch 2012,1st  and 2nd  Sem]

Courses handled/List of Instructional materials prepared

Courses Handled

1.Linear IC Applications

2. Pulse and Digital circuits

3. Computer Architecture and Organization

4. Digital Communications

5. Analog Communications

6. Switching Theory and Logic Design.

Course Files Prepared:

1.Pulse and Digital Circuits

2. Computer Architecture and Organization (R13)

Lab Manuals:

1.Pulse and Digital Circuits Lab

Innovative T/L methodologies

 Used 12 Different Teaching Methodologies

1. White Board With Marker & Talk (WMT)

2. Power point Presentation (PPT)

3. Tutoring (T)

4. Brain Storming (BS)

5.Buzz Group (BG)

6. Seminar (SEM)

7. Cooperative Learning (CL)

8. Problem Solving (PS)

9. NPTEL Video (NV)


11. Discussion (D)

12. Demonstration (DEMO)

Professional Memberships



Research Publications (Paper/Poster/book/book chapters/citations/etc)

 Research Publications

1. Smart Featured Vehicle For Smart City [Science, Technology and Development, ISSN: 0950-0707]. DOI:20.18001.STD.2020.V9I5.20.33843

2. Design and analysis of Hairpin whip antenna for wireless applications[ISSN NO : 2279-543x,]

3.Efficient Palm Print Identification With Gender Recognition[ISSN NO : 2279-543x, ]

4. High Throughput FFT System Using Baughwooley And Fused Floating Point Butterfly[ISSN NO : 1553-9105, ]

5. GPRS Based Automatic Irrigation[ISSN NO : 1553-9105, ]

6. Ir Based Automatic Tracking System[ISSN NO : 1553-9105,]

7. A Reliable Image Steganography with Image Clustering and Robust Steganography Using IWT[ISSN NO : 1553-9105,]


Projects guided


Advanced Footstep Power

Generation System Using RFID For Charging

Low Dense And Low Power Bus Architecture Using Modified ETI For Serial Links


Automatic Accident Detection And Alerting System Using GPS & GSM Modules.

SMS Based Bank Locker Security System


Enhanced Memory Reliability Against Multiple Cell Upsets Using Decimal Matrix Code

An Intelligent SMS Based Prepaid Water Metering System


Design And Implementation Of Advanced Encryption And  Decryption Standard Algorithm

Smart Soldier Assistance System By Using WSN Technology


Automatic Prediction & Life Saver System for Seizures


Zigbee based Wireless Electronic Notice Board

List of Working models / Products developed / Incubation/start – ups &

List of projects received seed money


List of projects received seed money

INR 75,000

List of NPTEL courses  certification done

1. Principles of Communication Systems [NPTEL]

2. Internet Of Things [NPTEL(ELITE)]

Incentives/Award/Reward/Recognitions by university

1. Guided Project For Final Year Students For INDIA INNOVATION CHALLENGE DESIGN CONTEST 2018 TEXAS INSTRUMENTS. Got Participation Certificate for Guiding them. Jan-2019.

2. Recognized for the Lab External Examiner for Pulse and Digital Circuits Lab by university [JNTU Kakinada] -2018, Prasiddha College of Engineering and Technology.

3. Recognized as Valuator for Pulse and Digital Circuits by university [JNTU Kakinada] Apr 2018 ,Adithya College of Engineering, Surampalem

4. Guided Project For Final Year Students For  TEXAS INSTRUMENTS INNOVATION CHALLENGE INDIA DESIGN CONTEST 2015 .Got Participation Certificate for Guiding them. May -2015

5. Got Incentive For Getting Pass percentage Of 93.6 For Subject COMPUTER ARCHITECTURE AND ORGANIZATION in 2018-19 academic years.


Faculty Development programs attended /Organized /resource person

1.A Three Faculty Development Program on VLSI Digital Circuits and Testing Techniques. “21/05/2020 to 23/05/2020

2. Five day online Faculty Development Program on Networking and cyber security. “23/05/2020 to 27/05/2020”

3. A NPTEL Faculty Development Programme on “Introduction to Internet of Things” 1/10/2018 to 10/10/2018

Conferences/Seminars/Workshop attended/ Organised

 1. Online Workshop on “IOT in smart health care” held 0n 26.06.2020.

2. online Webinar on Sensors, DAQ And Sampling on 27/05/2020

3. online Webinar on Machine Learning on 2/05/2020


ICT USAGE: webpage/blog/google classroom/LMS etc.

 1.LMS[Great Learning]:

 2.Blog: https://

 3.LMS [BYNDR]: 

Ph.D enrolled/ awarded / guided


Invited Lectures (Expert/conference/etc)


Industrial visits / Trainings / Internships organised


List of In-house/ Funded / Consultancy activities  for R&D projects/documentation



International fellowship for advanced studies/research


Previous Experience