Name of the faculty



Assistant Professor

Date Of Joining




Responsibility in Committees

 1.Councelling Committee

 2. Students affairs cell

 3. SC/ST, OBC and MINORITY cell


1.2017-18: 20 Members[2nd  ECE Batch  2016]

2. 2018-19: 20 Members[2nd  ECE Batch 2017 ] 

3. 2019-20: 20 Members[2nd   ECE Batch 2018 ] 

Courses handled/List of Instructional materials prepared

Courses handled

1.      Electronic Circuit Analysis

2.      Radar Systems

3.      Very large scale integration(VLSI),

4.      Microprocessor and Interfacing Devices(MP&ID),

5.      Switching theory and logic devices(STLD),

6.      Pulse and digital circuits(PDC)

7.      Algorithms for VLSI Design Automation

Course Files Prepared:



Lab Manuals:

1.      VLSI lab

2.      MPMC Lab

3.      MPID Lab

4.      PDC lab

5.      ECA Lab

6.      AC lab

Innovative T/L methodologies

 Used 10 Different Teaching Methodologies

1.White Board and Marker



4.Brain Storming

5.Buzz group


7. Co Operative Learning

8.Problem Solving

9.NPTEL Video

10.Group Discussion

Professional Memberships


Research Publications (Paper/Poster/book/book chapters/citations/etc)

 Research Publications :

1. Self Test Data Path Optimized AES Design for Secured Applications

ISSN: 2279-543X



2. Monitoring and automatic controlling of physical parameters in aquaculture using IOT

ISSN: 2279-543X


Projects guided


Low Power FPGA Based On Power Gating


Aqua Culture Monitoring Using IoT

Web Based Home Automation System


Design A Low Power 12-Bit Magnitude Comparator

List of Working models / Products developed / Incubation/start – ups &

List of projects received seed money


List of projects received seed money

INR 32000

List of NPTEL courses  certification done


Incentives/Award/Reward/Recognitions by university

1. Got Incentive For Getting Pass percentage Of 96 For Subject VERY Large Scale Integrated Circuits in 2018-19 academic year.

Faculty Development programs attended /Organized /resource person

1.      Completed NPTEL FDP Online certification course on ‘Introduction To Internet Of Things’ duration jul-oct 2019 (12week course)

Conferences/Seminars/Workshop attended/ organized


1.   Attended a workshop on “Advanced internet of things with machine learning” by IEEE CAS/EDS Chapter, BVC Institute of technology and science, amalapuram, east Godavari dist.

2.   Completed NPTEL Online certification course on ‘Digital circuits’ duration jul-oct 2018 (12week course)

3.   Attended a workshop on “Digital Design through Arduino“organized by IIT Hyderabad at Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering college, Hyderabad.

4.   Attended a workshop on “Power of FPGA & ASIC Design using Mentor Graphics Tool” at Vidya Jyothi Institute of Technology, Hyderabad.

5.   Attended a workshop on “Basics of GPS and its Applications” at CHAITANYA BHARATHI INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.


ICT USAGE: webpage/blog/google classroom/LMS etc.


Ph.D enrolled/ awarded / guided


Invited Lectures (Expert/conference/etc)


Industrial visits / Trainings / Internships organised


List of In-house/ Funded / Consultancy activities  for R&D projects/documentation



International fellowship for advanced studies/research




Previous Experience

1.      Working as Assistant Professor  in Jawaharlal Nehru Institute of Technology (J.N.I.T),Hyd. From 24/01/2015 to 22/06/2015 (1 semester).     

2.      Working as Assistant Professor  in Nalla Malla Reddy Engineering College,hyderabad. From 23/06/2015 to 30-04-2017( 2 years). 

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