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Assistant Professor

Date Of Joining




Responsibility in Committees

1.Academic  Committee

2.Time Table Committee

3.Councelling Committee

4.Cultural Organizing Member In Horizon 2k15 

5.Naac Criteria-2 Departmental Co-ordinator


1.2018-19: 30 Members[2rdEEE Batch 2018,1st Sem]

2. 2018-19: 30 Members[4th EEE Batch 2018 2nd Sem] 

Courses handled/List of Instructional materials prepared

Courses handled

1.Power Systems Operation & Control

2.Electrical Machines-I

3.High Voltage Engineering

4.Extra High Voltage AC Transmission

5.Electrical Machines-II

6.Utilisation of Electrical Energy

Course Files Prepared:

1.Power Systems Operation & Control

2. Electrical Machines-II

Lab Manuals:

Electrical Measurements Lab Manual

Innovative T/L methodologies

 Used 10 Different Teaching Methodologies

1.White Board and Marker



4.Text Book Assignment

5.Web References

6.Video Lectures

7.Enquiry Based Education

8.Buzz Groups

9.Brain Storming

10.Group Discussion

Professional Memberships



Research Publications (Paper/Poster/book/book chapters/citations/etc)

 Research Publications

1. A New Approach For Converting Radial Distribution In To Loop Distribtion With Regulating Voltage And Line Loss Minimization Using Upfc.[Science park Reasearch Journal,ISSN:2321-8045}.


2.Stability Analysis Of Distributed    Generation System For Three Phase Inverter Interfacing With Ultracapacitor.[IJESC,Volume-7 issue no-5]URL:

3.A Novel Approach For Grid Interactive Pv System Using Fuzzy Logic Based Mppt[International Journal of Scientific Research Review ISSN:2279-543X],URL:

4.A Fuzzy Logic Controller Based Grid Integrated Solar Pv System With Adaptive Noise Reduction

[International Journal Of Analytical & Experimental Modal Analysis, ISSN:0886-9367],URL:

Projects guided


A Novel Approach For Grid Interactive Pv System Using Fuzzy Logic Based Mppt


Development Of Proto Type Model For Monitoring And Controlling Of Kva,Pf For Different Loads Using Rf


Dynamic And Public Auditing With Fair Arbitration For Cloud Data

Power Quality Issues In Railway Electrification A  Comprehensive Perspective


Comparisionof 3-Level And9-Level Inverter-Fed Induction motor Drives

List of NPTEL courses  certification done

1.Power Systems[NPTEL]

2.Introduction to Smart grid[NPTEL]

Incentives/Award/Reward/Recognitions by university

1.Power Systems[NPTEL-AY:2017-18]

2. Introduction to Smart grid[NPTEL-AY:2019-20]

3.. Recognized for the paper evaluation of course Extra High Voltage Ac Transmissionby university[JNTU Kakinada]-2018

4. Recognized for the Lab External Examiner for Electrical Measurements[JNTU Kakinada] -2017

5.Recognised for the paper evaluation of course Network Analysis & Electrical Technology by university[JNTU Kakinada]-2017

6.Recognized To act as an  observer at Prasidda Engineering College in 2014

Faculty Development programs attended /Organized /resource person

1 .Introduction To  Smart Grid[NPTEL-2019 ]

2. Power System Design And Analysis[Oct-2017].

3.Moodle Learning Management Systemfrom 27THto7THMay2020

Conferences/Seminars/Workshop attended/ organised

 1.SCI LAB on May 4th 2019Organised by IIT   Bombay.

2.ARDUINOon Feb 8th 2020Organised by IIT   Bombay.


ICT USAGE: webpage/blog/google classroom/LMS etc.

 1.LMS[Great Learning]:



Ph.D enrolled/ awarded / guided

Enrolled for Ph.D in Certain Investigations On IntelligentControllers For Optimal Performance Of Standalone And Grid Connected Solar PV Systems,2019-2020 

Industrial visits / Trainings / Internships organised


List of In-house/Funded / Consultancy activities  for R&D projects/documentation


International fellowship for advanced studies/research


Previous Experience

Worked as Lecturer in Diviseema Polytechnic from 15/06/2010 to 25/04/2013