Name of the faculty




Assistant Professor

Date Of Joining




 Responsibility in Committees

1.Councelling Committee



1.     2019-20 : 18 members [16 batch, sem I-II]

2.     2018-19 : 16 members [15 Batch , Sem I-II]

3.     2017-18 : 21 membrs [15 Batch Sem I-II]

4.     2016-17 : 15 members [  13 Batch sem I-II]

5.     2015-16 : 18 members [13 Batch Sem I-II]

6.     2014-15 : 18 members [12,14 Batch Sem I-II]





Courses handled/List of Instructional materials prepared

Courses handled

1.Java Programming

2. principals of Programming Languages

3.Software Engineering

4.Web Technologies

5.Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science

Course Files Prepared:

1. Webtechnologies

Lab Manuals:

1.     WT Lab manual





Innovative T/L methodologies

Used 10 Different Teaching Methodologies

1.White Board and Marker 

2. PPT

3. Lecture-Demonstration

4.Text Book Assignment

5.Web Reference

6.Video Lectures

7.Enquiry Based Education

8.Co Operative Learning

9.Brain Storming

10.Group Discussion

 Professional Memberships

  Registered IAENG Membership




Research Publications (Paper/Poster/book/book chapters/citations/etc)

1.      Analytical study on spatial data mining techniques [journal of applied science and computations ,2018-19 -1076-5131.   DOI:16.10089.JASC.2018.V5I8.453459.0500206

2.      Scalable and efficient key management Protocol in defending against various attacks in wireless sensor networks [ international journal of advanced in management , technology and engineering services,2017-18-2249-7455].  URL:-

3.      Dependable de-duplication in hybrid cloud craft .[ international journal of Research,2016-17,2236-6124] DOI:16.10089.IJR.2017.V6I3.236456.000646

4.      Analysis ,design & applications of greedy  algorithms [international journal of advanced in management , technology and engineering sciences , 2015-16-2249-7455]. URL:-

5.      Multi owner data sharing by using three dimensional security Pattern in cloud computing .[Universal Review,2014-15-2277-2723].  URL:-



 Projects guided





Future market Prediction using Machine Learning

Graduate admission Prediction




Analysis of Shortest Path Routing for large multi of Wireless network

List of Working models / Products developed / Incubation/start – ups &

List of projects received seed money


List of projects received seed money

 INR 6000


List of NPTEL courses certification done

1.        Completed Certification course on “ Python Data Structures “ from Coursera on july 20,2018.

2.        Completed Certification course on “ Programming for Everybody “ from Coursera on july 20 ,2018.

Incentives/Award/Reward/Recog nitions by university

Ratified by JNTUK-Kakinada



Faculty Development programs attended /Organized /resource person

1. Participated FDP on Artificial intelligence using machine learning & deep learning held from 07th to 11th January 2019.

2.    Participated FDP on python programming at BVCE odalarevu  held from 4/06/2018 to 9/06/2018.

3.  Participated FDP on Embedded System Development Using Arm Mbed & Cypress Psoc Platform from 1st to 6th march at BVC Engg College, Odalarevu .

3.   Participated FDP on Cloud Infrastructure Services held from 11/05/2016-16/05/2016.

Conferences/Seminars/Workshop attended/ organised

1.  Attended Workshop Free And Open Source Software at Scet, at Narsapur,Feb-2016.


webpage/blog/google classroom/LMS etc.



Ph.D enrolled/ awarded / guided


  Invited Lectures (Expert/conference/etc)

1.  .Invited as Guest Lecture For “Cyber  Security” at Swarnandhra institute of Engineering and technology on 6/02/2018.

Industrial visits / Trainings / Internships organised


List of In-house/ Funded / Consultancy activities for R&D



International fellowship for advanced studies/research


Previous Experience

 Worked as Assistant Professor in BVC Institute of Technology and Science