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Assistant Professor

Date Of Joining




Responsibility in Committees

 1.M.Tech Coordinator 

2.Councelling Committee


1.2019-20: 30 Members[ 4th CSE Batch 2019,2nd  Sem]

2. 2019-20: 43Members[2nd   CSE Batch 2019 1st  Sem] 

Courses handled/List of Instructional materials prepared

Courses handled

1.Web Technologies

2. Object Oriented Programming Through Java

3. Fundamentals of Computer Science

4. Computer Networks

5.UML & DP

Course Files Prepared:


2. Object Oriented Programming Through Java

Lab Manuals:

1.     Wt Lab manual

Innovative T/L methodologies

 Used 10 Different Teaching Methodologies

1.White Board and Marker



4.Text Book Assignment

5.Web Reference

6.Video Lectures

7.Enquiry Based Education

8.Co Operative Learning

9.Brain Storming

10.Group Discussion

Professional Memberships

 Registered IAENG Membership

Research Publications (Paper/Poster/book/book chapters/citations/etc)

 Research Publications

1. Virtual Servers Allocated Dynamically With Support of Dps for Saving Energy and Reducing Operational Cost A Multilevel Acces Control Scheme Two Words Software As Service In Cloud Computing.[ IJETST- Vol.||01||Issue||10||Pages 1604-1609||December||ISSN 2348-9480 2014].URL:

Projects guided


Forecast on Close stock market Prediction using Machine Learning

Recipe Management Systems using Machine Learning

List of Working models / Products developed / Incubation/start – ups &

List of projects received seed money


List of projects received seed money

INR 4000

List of NPTEL courses  certification done

1.     Computer Organization and Architecture A Pedagogical Aspect course[NPTEL]

2.      Completed Certification course on “ Python for Everybody “ from Coursera , july 21 ,2018.

3.     Completed Certification course on “ using Python to access web Data “ from Coursera , july 20 ,2018.

4.     Completed Certification course on “ Capstone:retrieving , Processing, and Visualizing Data with Python “ from Coursera , july 21 ,2018.

5.     Completed Certification course on “ Using Databases with Python “ from Coursera , july 21 ,2018.

6.     Completed Certification course on “ What is Data Science “ from Coursera on April 29,2020

7.     Completed Certification course on “ Python for Data Science and AI “ from Coursera on April 19,2020.

8.     Completed Certification course on “ Python Data Structures “ from Coursera  on july 20,2018.

9.     Completed Certification course on “ Programming for Everybody “ from Coursera  on july 20 ,2018.

Incentives/Award/Reward/Recognitions by university

1. Recognized for the paper evaluation of course Computer Networks

by university[JNTU Kakinada]-2017

Faculty Development programs attended /Organized /resource person

1 . Attended Block Chain Technology held from july 13th  to 17th ,  2020 Organized by APSSDC

2. Participated APSSDC Online FDP On Internet Of Things (IOT) from 13/07/2020 to 25/07/2020.

3. Participated FDP on Data Science Held From july 1ST , 2020 To july 24th , 2020 .

4.Organized FDP Program on Natural Language Processing behind Data Science from 22nd to 26th June 2020.

Conferences/Seminars/Workshop attended/ organised

 1. Attended Workshop Free And Open Source Software at Scet, at Narsapur,Feb-2016.

2. Attended Start your own startups using software & social networks, Online Workshop held from 8th to 10th june 2020 .

3 . Attended Prospects of Digital Marketing Online Seminar Held on 5th june 2020

4.  Attended Low Power VLSI Design & Analysis Online Webinar held On 24th May 2020.


ICT USAGE: webpage/blog/google classroom/LMS etc.

 1.LMS[Great Learning]:



Ph.D enrolled/ awarded / guided


Invited Lectures (Expert/conference/etc)

1.Invited as Guest Lecture For “Python For Everybody” at Shri Vishnu Engineering college for women On 30/10/2019

2. .Invited as Guest Lecture For “Machine Learning” at Swarnandhra institute of Engineering and technology on 21/01/2020. 

Industrial visits / Trainings / Internships organised


List of In-house/ Funded / Consultancy activities  for R&D projects/documentation


International fellowship for advanced studies/research



Previous Experience

Worked as Assistant Professor in SIET from 04/06/2015 to 30/11/2019