Name of the faculty




Assistant Professor

Date Of Joining




Responsibility in Committees

1. Time table committee member

2.Councelling committee member

3. MOOC’s committee member


1.2019-20: 20 Members[2018 admitted Batch 1st &2nd  Sems] 

2.2018-19: 18 Members[2015 admitted Batch 1st &2nd  Sems] 

3. 2017-18: 13 Members[2016 admitted Batch 1st &2nd  Sems] 

4. 2016-17: 17 Members[2014 & 2016 admitted Batch 1st &2nd  Sems] 

Courses handled/List of Instructional materials prepared

Courses handled

1.Hadoop and Bigdata

2. Design and Analysis Algorithm

3. Computer Networks

4. Software Engineering

5.Software Testing Methodologies

Course Files Prepared:

1.Design and Analysis Algorithm

2. Hadoop and bigdata

Lab Manuals:

1.Java lab manual

2.DWDM Lab Manual

Innovative T/L methodologies

 Used 8 Different Teaching Methodologies

1.White Board and Marker



4.Text Book Assignment

5.Web Reference

6.Video Lectures

7.Co Operative Learning

8.Brain Storming

Professional Memberships


Research Publications (Paper/Poster/book/book chapters/citations/etc)

 Research Publications

1. Energy Consumption Prediction Using Decision Tree Regression Model In Machine Learning.[IJSRR, ISSN::2279-0543]


Projects guided


Security enhancement using face recognition


Grading System


Big Scholarly data : A survey

List of Working models / Products developed / Incubation/start – ups &

List of projects received seed money


List of projects received seed money

INR 8,000/-

List of NPTEL/ other  certification courses done

1. Introduction To  Machine Learning[NPTEL:JUL-SEP,2019] 

Incentives/Award/Reward/Recognitions by university

·       Received Rs. 3,000/- as recognition for getting 97.5% of  academic results  for the subject “Hadoop & Big Data”  in  IV B.Tech_II Sem, 2016-17

·       Received Rs.5,000/- as recognition for the  research publication in International Journal in the year 2019.

Faculty Development programs attended /Organized /resource person


1. Introduction To  Machine Learning[NPTEL:JUL-SEP,2019] 

2. Artificial Intelligence using Machine Learning and Deep learning[7th 11th Jan, 2019]

3. Python Programming held at BVCEC, Odalarevu

    [4th to 9th June,2018]


1. Organized  a 5 day FDP on “Natural Language Processing Behind Data Science” .[22nd to 26th June 2020] 

Conferences/Seminars/Workshop attended/ organized


1. Workshop on “Advanced computing Techniques and application” at BVCEC, Odalarevu,2018

2. Workshop on “The required benchmarks for quality sustenance and quality enhancement” at IDEAL college, 2016


ICT USAGE: webpage/blog/google classroom/LMS etc.


 2.LMS [BYNDR]: 

Ph.D enrolled/ awarded / guided


Invited Lectures (Expert/conference/etc)

1. Invited as Guest Lecturer  For the course “Software Engineering”  at Swarnandhra Institute of Engg. and Technology  in 2017.

Industrial visits / Trainings / Internships organized


List of In-house/ Funded / Consultancy activities  for R&D projects/documentation


International fellowship for advanced studies/research


Previous Experience

Working as Assistant Professor in BVCITS from 12/12/2016