About TRACE:

Civil Engineering department in the college forms its own Technical Association TRACE(Tremendous Rebuilt Association Civil Engineering) has a distinct name coined by  student of civil department with an aim  to enhance the professional competence of its students. The associations organize activities like lectures by distinguished industrialists, academicians, and practitioners of the profession, video shows, competitions and socially relevant projects for the students throughout the year. The associations also conduct seminars, workshop and aptitude tests. The students will learn how to participate in these activities and get awareness of technical presentation and participation in group discussions. TRACE association is expected to have on programme every week.

Guest Lectures



2018-19-List                                   2018-19-Proofs

2017-18-List​                                  2017-18-Proofs

2016-17-List​                                  2016-17-Proofs

2015-16-List​                                  2015-16-Proofs

2014-15-List​                                  2014-15-Proofs​

Batch Top 3 Students

S.NoBatchReg NoName of the StudentMarks%College Rank
12015-19   I
22015-19   II
32015-19   III
42014-18   I
52014-18   II
62014-18   III
72013-17   I
82013-17   II
92013-17   III
102012-16   I
112012-16   II
122012-16   III
132011-15   I
142011-15   II
152011-15   III

Top 5 Student List

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